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Maddy’s Penny Rug Pet Portrait kits are easy enough for someone who has never made a penny rug and possibly has little experience doing needlework to make a picture of her/his favorite pet.  Check out the wide range of breeds and colors of dogs, cats, and horses.

​Would you like to make a penny rug but would like to take a class to learn how AND support you favorite charity? Then attend - or better yet, host - a "Stitch & Support" class!!
The ornament kits provide enough material to finish two complete "portrait" ornaments - everything is included! The directions include interchangeable patterns so any kit can customized to make a unique, special pet along with a chart for what patterns to use for some common breeds/colors of pets.

A limited number of finished pieces in a variety of breeds and colors are available as well as custom finished items - please e-mail for more information.
Welcome to the home of Maddy's Munchys premium dog treats, Penny Rug Pet Portraits, and Merry's Munchys homestyle treats for people!  For more information click the links below
Maddy's Munchys pet treats offer a wide range of treats for dogs with different tastes and dietary needs. Liver chippers are wheat free and made with real beef and liver, Cheesesteak mmminis are a grain free blend of cheese, beef, and eggs; Chicken Bones are classic bone shaped treats with real chicken, and Rice & Sweet Potato Stars have only 5 ingredients and no wheat or meat for dogs with multiple allergies. 

Maddy's Munchys
Penny Rug Pet Portraits
Merry's Munchys
Delicious baked goods, made by hand and individually packaged for freshness and labeled so you know exactly what you are eating. Our recipes are simple - no pretentious desserts or over-the top flavors - just fabulous old fashioned, hand made baked goods just like you remember . Items available at farmer's markets vary by time of year and the particular market. Seasonal specialties are the heart of Merry's Munchy's offerings - delicious homemade treats made with fabulous seasonal produce from the farmer's market. Most are available as small pans for a one or two person family.
Tender, flavorful scones to please any taste. The only thing better than one of our ready made scones is having the same scones hot from your own oven using our scone mixes. Simply add cream (or milk), mix gently, and bake.
The selection of scone flavors include: Cinnamon Pecan; Chocolate Chip; Lemon Poppyseed; Cranberry Almond; Maple Oatmeal and many more!