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Chicken Bones
Real vegetables, chicken, egg and dry milk make this classic bone shaped whole wheat based cookie - another favorite with canine taste testers. Tiny heart shaped mmmini size of this variety are perfect as training treats!
Guaranteed analysis:
  Moisture (max): 18%                               Crude Fiber (max): 3%
  Crude Protein (min):  15%                        Crude Fat (min): 10%
Maddy's Munchys
After nearly 13 years of Molly's very fussy eating, Madison came in to our lives...and she loves her food.  As my pudgy puppy's waistline started to expand, I started to read the labels of the treats I was feeding her - and was shocked to find that many commercially available dog treats list corn syrup or sugar as one of their top ingredients - along with some pretty scary things (propolyene glycol??). Then I started to look at "homemade" treats and discovered that I could not find any containing actual meat - and most of those were high priced and way down on Maddy's list of favorite things.  So, I set out to create dog treats in flavors dogs love by using real meat and vegetables - not sugar.    Here are the results:
Designed for the dog on a limited ingredient, wheat free diet - only 5 ingredients - rice, sweet potato, canola oil, water and a little baking soda.  The sweet potato makes these cookies naturally sweet and yummy without adding sugar or other sweeteners.   
Guaranteed analysis:
  Moisture (max): 5%                               Crude Fiber (max): 2%
  Crude Protein (min): 8%                         Crude Fat (min): 8%
Liver Chippers
Rice & Sweet Potato Stars
Wheat free Oatmeal based cookies with added organic beef and vegetables and freeze dried beef liver "chips" - with egg and dry milk added for more protien. If your dog does not typically like homemade cookies, give these a try - they are a taste test winner!  
Guaranteed analysis:
  Moisture (max): 8%                                Crude Fiber (max): 2%
  Crude Protein (min): 18%                         Crude Fat (min): 15%
Cheesesteak mmminis are our top of the line product – a truly grain and filler free product. The small size is perfect as a training treat/bait – easy to hold and absolutely loved by dogs (and cats!) Far better than a bag full of cheese or meat that gets slimy and gooey!
Guaranteed analysis:
  Moisture (max): 10%                                Crude Fiber (max): 5%
  Crude Protein (min): 36%                          Crude Fat (min): 25%
Cheesesteak mmminis