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Meredith Westner, Owner
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About Usquepaugh Baking Co. LLC
The Usquepaugh Baking Co. grew out of a situation all to common to many Americans these days - after nearly 20 years of dedicated service to a company, my job moved out of state and out of the country.  As I struggled to answer the question: What now?  I kept coming back to my love of baking and love of my animal companions.  Merry and Maddy's Munchys developed out of my desire to share my love of baking and to do something "more" with my life than give 40+ hours a week to a company that would just throw me away in the end.   I dedicated myself to starting this company and having a conscience - to support other local business both large and small through "New England Proud" and to give back to the community through monetary and product donations.  I also wanted to be sure my products, both human and animal, contained the finest ingredients, and disclose exactly what is in each product by fully labelling each individual package - people deserve to know what they are eating and feeding their pets.  I hope you enjoy our products and feel good that by supporting us you are also supporting other local business and charities.  - Meredith Westner - Founder, Usquepaugh Baking Co, LLC, Home of Merry and Maddy's Munchys & Penny Rug Pet Portraits
Technically, I hold two degrees from the University of Rhode Island - a BS in Industrial Engineering and an MBA.  I worked at a manufacturing company in operations, process improvement and quality assurance before starting Usquepaugh Baking Co.  How does any of this make me qualified as a baker? It doesn't.  But what does is growing up in a family with a love of food and love of cooking.  I have literally been baking and cooking as long as I can remember.  It is my passion and my gift that I truly enjoy sharing with the world.
Madison is a rescue dog from Louisiana, found on PetFinder, that joined our family at 4 months old in October of 2010.  Almost every asks me - what is she?  Well, that is anyone's guess - although I call her a Shetland Retrieving Hound.  Regardless of her lineage, she is absolute love with fur - always happy and looking for fun (ok, too much fun when we practice agility and she runs off!) and is a wonderful dog - I could not ask for a better companion. Consider a shelter/rescue animal for your next pet - you might be surprised how much they have to offer.
Madison, VP Canine Products
Usquepaugh Baking Company, LLC
87 Old Usquepaugh Road
West Kingston, RI 02892 
Rudolf Westner, VP Sales
Rudolf (Rudy) Westner (my dad) graciously took on the job of establishing and managing our growing retail distribution network. Dad passed away in 2021 and I miss him dearly.  He had 30+ years experience in sales and was a great addition to the Usquepaugh Baking Company team.  He is also a life long animal lover so he understood the benefits of Maddy's Munchys products.