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Here is a great opportunity to support your favorite animal charity AND make a lovely handmade keepsake personalized “portrait” of your own pet while learning the folk art of “Penny Rug” making. In 2-3 hours you will trace, personalize, iron, cut, iron, and start to stitch a wool felt image of your favorite pet as an ornament. I’ve made the kits and process so easy that EVERYONE can participate – no needlework experience required!

The class is only $12 – and a full $8 of that fee goes directly to the charity - with the other $4 covering the price of the kit containing all the materials you need to make a penny rug pet portrait. Normally you would expect to pay far more than $12 to take a class and then have to pay extra for the materials – with nothing donated to charity. This fabulous opportunity is made possible because I created every kit myself – from drawing each breed to assembling each kit - and 100% donate my teaching time.

Better yet – if you own a unique mixed breed dog (like I do) and are disappointed that you are never able to buy something that looks like your dog, in this class I will work with you to make a portrait of your pet so you don’t have to settle for the breed that sort-of looks like your dog. The same is true for cats – together we will customize a portrait of your pet.

And if you need one more reason to sign up, you can be confident that not only are you supporting your favorite charity, you are also supporting a local business owned by a pet lover devoted to supporting rescue animals. The kits are not designed or made overseas – they were 100% created and assembled right here in Rhode Island.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today for a Stitch and Support program – support animals in need, create a great keepsake of your favorite pet, learn a new craft/art form, and support local business – all for $12!

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